Water Hoses – Continental Conti-Tech

Please take a look at our ContiTech water washdown listings and contact us directly if you are unsure as to which hose is the right selection for your specific application.

Our water hoses are efficient, robust and reliable operating materials, ideal for a wide range of applications in industry and business. The hose lining is resistant to pressure, changes in temperatures, hot water and chemicals. The hose cover is resistant to ozone and UV irradiation.


Continental ContiTech offers a wide range of suction, discharge and washdown hoses for a variety of mining, industrial, construction, agricultural and marine applications. ContiTech water hoses have built the reputation as being the best in the business when it comes to quality and performance standards. Featured names include:

  • Plicord®
  • Flexwing®
  • Fortress®
  • Sani-Wash™
  • Gauntlet®
  • Spiraflex®
  • Sureline®
  • Prospector™
  • Pathfinder®