Linear Bearings – IKO International

IKO designs and manufactures a wide range of machine parts that reduce friction in the positioning mechanisms of industrial equipment and machinery. Used in many industries such as semiconductor, medical, life sciences, solar, machine tool and construction.



Multiple styles and sizes available from IKO

  • Sizes range from tiny to extra large, from the world’s smallest track rail featuring a 1-mm width to those built for high rigidity and load capacity in huge machines.
  • Available styles include roller type rolling guides, ball type rolling guides, ball splines, anti-creep crossed roller ways, ball slides, and both linear and rotary bushings to meet the needs of different applications and machine geometries.

More Information

With more than 60 years of experience, IKO specializes in quality needle bearings, linear motion rolling guides, precision positioning tables and machine components.

Our products are highly regarded in the worldwide marketplace, and we strive to live up to the inspiration for IKO’s name:

Our employees constantly develop new technologies.
Our extensive technical knowledge is applied to every situation for an optimal solution.
Our creativity allows us to continuously improve the performance of our products.