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Differential Pressure: PSI Bar
Flow Range: to GPM GPH LPH
Suction Lift ft m.(Wet) ft m.(Dry)
Maximum Static Pressure PSI Bar
Duty Cycle:
Life Expectancy: run time hrs.
Noise, Weight, Size Specs:
NPSHA: ft. m.
Fluid Properties:
Fluid Name
Specific Gravity :
Viscosity: cps@ F C (Temp.)
List Chemicals Being Pumped:
- Concentration % or PH
- Concentration % or PH
- Concentration % or PH
List wetted materials that are known to work with this fluid:
rubber seals, metals, non-metals
- - -
- - -
Driver Data
Electric Motor
Single Phase 115v 230v Other
Thermal Overload Protection Auto reset Main reset None
Three Phase 115v 230v Other
Frequency(Hz): 50 60 50/60
AC Motor Speed at 50/60Hz 2850/3450 1450/1750 750/900
DC Volts: 6 12 24 36 90 180 Other
Enclosure: ODP TEFC TENV Exp Class
Standard Chemical duty Wash down Other
Variable Speed:
RPM Range to
Other Info:
Insulation Class or ambient temperature F C
Class temperature F C
Other Driver
Air Motor Hydraulic Motor Other
RPM Range: to Specification:
Power Required:
as determined by pump application ( we will figure it out for you)
Customer Specified as hp kw


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